Helium Balloon Show

Our exclusive in-house performance, that combines aerodynamics and circus skills to create an astonishing overhead spectacle. Breathtaking aerial acrobatics, performed when hanging from a huge helium balloon, will definitely have your guests gazing up with an absolute delight and leave them with long lasting memories about your event. Using music, lighting and the location, the Heliosphere creates the illusion of flying. The impossible becomes possible.

At night the Heliosphere becomes a giant lantern. You can choose a particular color, or opt for a color changing one. The performers can wear dazzling colour changing LED suits and perform on LED aerial equipment.

The performers can use variety of equipment, including: cor de volan; aerial ring (or LED aerial ring); can be harnessed at the waist (providing the look of flying and spinning in mid-air); or can do the show on aerial silk, suspended 20 meters from the air, performing breathtaking stunts with grace and elegance.

We have several helium balloons in-house, aerial artists and experienced team available for any type of events Worldwide. Helium Balloon Show can be combined with ground based acrobatic acts and dance shows for even more impressive show.

Our Helium Balloon Aerial Acrobatics Show is a highly customizable and brandable act with options to have projections onto the balloon during the show in the sky as well as before and after the performance which is perfect for exposing branding, logos or messaging to onlookers. Alternatively, it is possible to brand the balloon with stickers.